Behind the Scenes

Our Suppliers

We work only with vendors we’ve found have the best quality and fast availability. As one of the largest frame shops in the Washington DC area, we work with every major vendor to bring you the finest quality frames & mats at affordable prices.

While we stock hundreds of items, if we don’t have exactly what you want on hand, we can get any frame or mat from the following vendors within just a few days.

Our Equipment

The old saying “it’s all in the tools” is really true. We have the finest equipment available and continually upgrade it. Mats are cut via our Wizard computer CAD system: no over-cuts or flaws ever. Frames are cut via a double-mitre saw: all the corners are perfect. Our drymounts utilize both heat and vacuum. Wood frame joining is via a Cassese so there are never nail holes.

FrameReady Framing Software
Our most vital tool to ensuring your 100% satisfaction is our FrameReady framing software, running on a 4 station computer network. Our software simplifies the challenge of measuring in fractions of an inch, making sure the math is always right. It instantly prices your frame, checks inventory to make sure it’s available, and schedules your project in real time.

CTD Dual Blade Miter Saw
Wizard Mat CutterTo cut your frame, we use a CTD dual blade miter saw for perfect corners every time. The model we selected can cut both wood and metal frames. By cutting BOTH sides of every corner simultaneously, quality is vastly improved compared to mechanical “chop” machines, mitre saws or other equipment that cuts only one corner of your frame at a time. You’ll always have a perfect corner at Frame of Mine.
Our VacuSeal Heat Vacuum Dry-mount
Wizard Mat CutterOur VacuSeal Heat Vacuum Dry-mount is the very best available for perfect drymounting every time! By using both heat and a vacuum, there are no air bubbles to flaw your art down the road … especially important with the humidity in our area!

Wizard Mat Cutter
Wizard Mat CutterThe Wizard Mat Cutter is the coolest tool we have … and also saves you the most! Our Computerized mat cutter cuts multiple openings in any shape you want … even in double and triple mats! We just upgraded this to the newest model so we can cut up to a depth of six mats at a time. Multi-opening Ovals, Hearts, Polygons, Octagons. Every cut is perfect and fast too. Our artists can even do customized designs you specify … in just minutes.
Cassese Corner Joining Machine
Wizard Mat CutterOur Cassese corner joining machine produces exceptionally strong nail free corners for wood frames. A stainless steel wedge is driven into the back of the frame. There are no unsightly nails hammered into the corners, requiring wax “filler.” We imported this from France, the home of fine art, because of the exceptional quality. While there are cheaper machines, none performs as well as the Cassese. For our “Do-it-yourself” customers, it can save you up to 30 minutes per frame as we can join it for you!