Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of framing, in all honesty, has many variables. There are some framing companies out there that have set pricing based on size with a select choice of framing materials to choose from. But for our shop, cost depends on the size, materials, and what you want to frame. We offer a similar pricing package based on size with select frames and mats to choose from, but most of what we offer varies in price from the 20+ manufacturers we partner with. You can always email, DM, or call us for a quote.

This also has many variables. Most small businesses can’t offer deep discounts and lower end pricing that the mega stores and online startups can. Those places rely on the volume of framing and fewer selections to keep costs down and profits up. A small business frame shop doesn’t have the buying power, storage, or marketing reach to get better pricing to buy materials, e.g., moulding, matboards, glass, etc. Most frame shops rent their stores, and when you factor that along with utilities, payroll, machinery, waste, and general supplies and upkeep, their bottom line is a lot different from others.

Right now our average turnaround time is approximately 3 weeks. If you need something sooner, we can let you know what is available in your time frame. Anything needed in less than 2 weeks will incur a rush charge.

It depends on what inexpensive means to you. Generally custom framing can’t be done for less that $100, with the few exceptions for small pieces. The lowest cost option is a pre-made/readymade frame. We offer readymades or our Frames-to-Go in various sizes from 5x7 to 16x20 that range from $15 - $60 each.

Depending on when you need it, we can definitely try to rush your order. Rush fees will be assessed.

Appointments aren’t required, but appreciated.

Depending on how many things you need to frame and if you know what you would like to do, it could take anywhere from 15 minutes to several hours.

In a nutshell, yes. All of our mats are acid free, from basic to museum grade. We use acid free backing with archival mounting tapes. We also use UV and Museum grade glass and plexi-glass/acrylic. We are well-versed in many archival techniques and mounts. And what we don’t know, we have a couple of conservators we work with that we can refer to.

Yes, we do stretch canvases. We offer different styles and sizes of stretcher bars. We can stretch most paintings; some materials stretch better than others. Cracking and peeling can happen during and after stretching due to how the paint was applied.

These are considered the highest level of archival framing materials in the industry. These are the preferred materials for museums and high-end galleries, and frameshops.

The types/variations of glass and plexi-glass/acrylic have become numerous over the years. We won’t bore you with all of them. These are the types we offer: standard/regular glass, UV glass, Museum/Anti-Reflective glass and the same in plexi-glass/acrylic. For more information, go to

We utilize a courier service for most deliveries up to a certain size and distance. We do not do installations, but we do work with a company that does and can discuss this during your consultation/design session.

We have been at our current location, 545 8th St. SE, for 7 years now. We were previously across the street for 33 years. And for the aficionados, for a short period in the 90s we had a second location in Dupont Circle.

Every framer has limits to their abilities and what they are comfortable with framing. We have framed items ranging from old antique letters crumbling at the touch to umbilical cords. Unless something is unwieldy, is toxic or unsafe to work with or completely heinous and offensive in nature, we can most likely frame it.